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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ConcealedNippi™ pasties really worth it?

As women looking out for each other, just trust us when we scream 1000% yes!

  • No more thick nip outlines in your clothes.
  • No more throwing out covers and buying new ones constantly.
  • No more pain when removing them.
  • No more loss of grip due to water or sweat throughout the day.

Are my ConcelaedNippi™ pasties reusable? How long do they actually last?

Absolutely! Our marvelous pastie covers are crafted specifically for reusability 🖤

You can wash and wear these beauties approximately 90 times before the adhesive even begins to lose its stickiness.

P.s after that, you can still confidently slip them into those snug-fitting tops and dresses for that much-needed coverage.

Keep confident and worry-free!

Are ConcelaedNippic pasties waterproof and sweat-proof? 

Our pasties are your ultimate waterproof and sweat-proof companions.

  • Wear them under swimsuit top.
  • Wear them during gym shower sessions.
  • Wear them with workout clothes.
  • Or wear them when you can't stand a bra anymore.

Just a little tip: for optimal performance, we recommend avoiding any products on your skin before applying our pasties on your goodies.

Can I wash my ConcealedNippi™ pasties? Do I have to buy a special cleaner or brush?

With a gentle cleanse using hand or dish soap, witness the revival of your pasties!

Like magic, they return to their former glory, immaculate and rejuvenated, with adhesive that's even better than before.

What if I don't love my purchase?

We are obsessed with customer satisfaction and firmly stand behind the quality of our products.

That's why your order is secured with our 100% money-back guarantee.

If for any reason, yes any, you don't love our ConcealedNippi ™ pasties we will happily refund your purchase within 30 days of purchase no questions asked.